Small The Body Shop Haul

Well this two things I've bought about couple weeks ago and sure I've tested them out. 
The fact that Rainforest Nutrition shampoo is super natural caught my eye. No SLS no parabens - just what I seek in shampoos. It is gentle, too gentle to be honest. Sometimes  I even have to "lather - rinse - repeat" at least two times just to be sure my hair is clean. It may be clean even after one wash but it just doesn't feel like it. It may be because of those moisturising properties that are claimed on the bottle. Despite that I love everything about  this product, will be trying new things from the line and definitelly be repurchasing this shampoo.


Now to the Coconut Body Butter. Everyone knows what The Body Shop body butters are. One of my favourites is coconut one, so I've got the 300ml one.


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