Shiseido Tsubaki Hair Care Line. I'm Officially Hooked.

   The number of bottles on this photo and the title leads to a very easy conclusion that I'm freaking in love with Shiseido conditioners. On the very right stands my first bottle of Tsubaki - The Damage Care Conditioner. I got it on christmass more than a year ago. I loved everything about it. But it lasted forever so I got bored of using over and over the same conditioner(550ml is no joke).
   Yellow one was the one I bought next. Head Spa series was a bit different (and I've already raved about it here). It smells like combination of essential oils, strong but pleasant. And my hair felt different, better, became really silky and thick. But it also lasted about 6 month and I got bored again. That's why there are three bottles onn the picture, none of them is finished. I threw away the white one right after I took a picture just because normal people don't keep their conditioners for years in bathroom.
   Now to the last one. Tsubaku Shining Conditioner. I bought it The same day I bought stuff from my Small Haul I posted the other day. I also put it to the test and it didn't let me down (nothing from Shiseido brand that I've tried was dissappointing I must say). It's lighter in texture than the Head Spa one, it smells sweeter and more floral. It may be just a tad less thickening but it does give my hair a nice shine.
   When I took this three bottles to take a picture I realised that those were my only conditioner for the past year and a half since I got my first bottle. Even when I felt bored with them I grabbed new one also by Shiseido but from different line. What can I say, quantity here says everything about quality. Japanese really do know how to make hair stuff. And it's only 10-15$ for a 550ml bottle.

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