Obsession Continues. Shiseido Head Spa Shampoo.


   As I wasn't entierly happy with my lately purchased The Body Shop shampoo I wondered if Shiseido makes shampoos as good as conditioners. And I bought this tempting golden beautiful Head Spa shampoo. First thing that caught my eye was "Extra Cleansing" on the bottom of the bottle. Than I started reading the ingredients and it blew me away - it turned out to be sulfate free. I couldn't even imagine such thing to be possible. Moreover this  shampoo contains loads of different treatment oils.  It was mandatory for me to buy this gorgeous thing. So I did and I gave it a test already. And yes, it is very cleansing, it leaves my hair squeaky clean, smells good, it's good to my hair and I'm loving it so far.

And it's only 7$ on amazon .

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