Face Masks. Vandini. Doliva. Hot or Not.

When it comes to face masks I want them to be effective and I want to see the result right after I wash it off. The gray(cleansing clay) one was good. It was cleansing and this is pretty much it what I can say about this mask. The blue (moisturising) one though wasn't effective at all. You know that something's not working when it feels alien and uncomfortable on your skin. Didn't work for me.

Now onto the next ones. In this group of face masks dissappointing one was cleansing mask. It's simply horrible. It feels like vaseline or silicone slathered onto your face, greasy and gross. And don't get me started on the effectivity. The Vitamin C and the Relaxing ones were ok. My favourite of all this masks is Morningfreshness because it smells super fruity and it does exactly what it says on the package, not more not less. I can call it a Near-Hit. Others are mostly misses.

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