Toni&Guy Smoothing Detangler. Hit or Miss?

During my never-ending search for good and effective hair care I've found numerous dissapointments and some all time favourites. When I grabbed this bottle from the store shelf I was sure it'll be my new favourite step in hair care routine. But no. It turned out to be another sad and hart breaking failure. I gave it several second chances but ended up washing this off my hair last time i tried using it. I wasn't sure it's no use. First I blamed the quality of my hair. That's when I started using olive oil twice a week. It helped and improoved my hair. Then I tried this prep liquid again. It seemed better, but I kept thinkint it was because of the olive oil. Well it actually was. Now I had to decide whether this thing is usefull at any point or not. And I've tested it along with Garnier Miraculous Oil. That's when I actually felt that it didn't detangle, didn't smooth my hair but also made them a little sticky and freezy on ands. Grnier's oil on the other hand did a good job. It's not hte best hair oil I've tried, but it's currently replacing my favourite one 'cause it's out of stocks everywhere.
Back to the Toni&Guy. Other disadvantages I've noticed in this prooduct were: smell (simila to their texturising spray, but it turned out not that great on hair, a bit sour-milk or something), texture (way too liquidy) and finally - prise (not too expansive compare to high-end products, but still too much for the useless one).
Now I'm like in some kind of bad break up with this thing. I know that there's no reason in going back to it but I  keep thinkin may be my hair is too damaged or that I didn't give it enough tries (all so not true). And it just feels sad, I wanted this to work, you know.
Well, it's obvious now, but my verdict is - BIG SAD MISS.

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