Klorane Mango Oil. Vacation Hates.

    Well, I'm not gonna beat around the bushes and just say - it's positivelly the worst beauty product I've ever tried in my life! (yes, that bad). Let's start with less ugly effects of it.
First of all, this oil makes hair super greasy. Two pumps and your head looks like it hasn't been washed for at least a week. But after all it smells so bad and funky. Not only it's heavy and offensie, you can also smell strong chemical notes in it.
    But what was so devastating in it - you should hold your breath and not enhale even a smallest particle of this oil. Because if you do you'll get poisoned like I did. Well, I've read the instructions on the bottle thet sayed not to enhale, but I didn't think that you should keep your breath while appliying. Not even a small sip of air. What the hell? One brief moovement of lungs and and the whole day of my vacation was ruined by sickness and vomiting.
    Why did I pick this up? Because it had SPF in it and we were going to spend a lot of time exposed to the sun. Did it protect my hair? I don't freaking care. I didnt notice any beneficial effects on my hair, I was too busy vomiting. After I got better the next day, when we were mooving out our hotel room I took a picture of this stinky bottle on my phone (not on my camera, that how mad I was) and simply left it there.

    Not a single living creature should ever experience effects of this product. What's the point of making a product people will be scared to use or to breath near it?!?
It costs around 16$. For this price you can by 3 bottles of Garnier's Marvelous Oil, which it ten times better. Also brand Klorane is super organic according to their website, this particular unfortunate oil didn't seem organic at all. If I ever going to try something else by Klorane (which I highly doubt) I will think twice.

Did you have similar experiences with beauty products?

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