Harnn Rose&Geranium Soap. Setting Pre-Spring Mood.

  I love soaps and avoid shower gells, because most of them contains huge amounts of SLS and I'm not a fan of that. Soaps however tend to be more natural. This particular one not only smells ammazing and florally, but it also is super organic and healthy.
  Key ingredient of all Harnn's soaps is Rice Bran Oil, which makes soap very gentle and nourishing. Rose, geranium and lavander essential oil's composition sets me in a very spring-summer playfull mood every morning when I wash my face with this soap. It leaves my skin squicky clean. But the smell, however strong it is while I'm washing my face\body with it, melts away the minute I walk out of bathroom. It's a good thing for me because I can rub in my moisturiser and not be afraid that soap and moisturiser will make some funky smell together.
  And yes, I bought this soap in Thailand, so I'm using it not as generously as any other body wash that I have. I cut 1\3 piece of it and keep the rest of it in plastic wrap so it won't loose it's intensive smell.

You can check out whole range of Harnn's products and read more about it at harnn.com

Do you like washing your face with soap like me or do you prefere gel cleansers?

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