Quick fix solution. DIY BB-cream with Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion.

The title says for itself. This moisturizer I’ve used years ago along with other two step-products from Clinique’s famous 3-Step Skin Care set. And I loved it then. But I completely forgot about it’s existence after two purchases because at that time I was just starting my adventure into the beauty life and there were too many other options. But about a week ago I needed something to alternate with my Treatment Oil by Clarins. And I wanted to spend less than on high-end product, but yet get a quality of one. And this lotion, my friends, is that golden mean! It’s medium price, it’s very effective, it gives your skin that quick fix from dryness and it’s that product that can never be a miss.

What I found the most attractive for me personally was that mixing it half-and-half with my high coverage foundation that dries out my skin, makes a perfect BB-cream. How is it different from mixing with any other moisturizer? The answer is simple – it’s odorless. And as my Clarins foundation smells very strongly it makes a perfect match. So if you have a foundation that is too drying for you, try out this trick, I’m sure it’ll work for you too.

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