Payot Radiace-Boosting Exfoliating Lotion With Superfruit Extracts. Hit or Miss?

     Well, I’ll start with mentioning that this is my first exfoliating lotion ever. I’m already half way down this bottle and I must say, I feel like I should keep looking for The One. There are several good things about this particular item. For instance, it has a very lovely superfruitty smell and it’s half a price of exfoliating toner by Clarins. Frankly speaking I’ve picked it exactly for it’s price.
     Instruction on the back says to apply morning and night over the face using a cotton pad. Well, at first I did exactly as I was told. But weird rough spots appeared around my nose and I couldn’t get rid of them until I stopped using this lotion for a while. When rough spots were gone I was concerned whether give it another shot or not. As I was surprised with frequency of using this product mentioned in the instruction, I’ve decided to use it 3-4 times a week. And this way it did it’s job the way it was meant to. It does exfoliate, I’m not sure about the boost of radiance though. So the question is whether it’s hit or miss. Well, it’s not Hit enough and not that Miss, it’s so-so. I’m definitely gonna try out new stuff but I’ve enjoyed using this Payot lotion after all.
     Do not repeat my mistake and use it few times a week and you’ll probably love it. In terms of  price it’s kind of bargain. And nice smell is always a bonus.

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