L’Oreal Shine Caresse in 402 Milady

Smell – delicious.

Texture – weird. Feels like you are using felt pen on your lips (wet at first and then dehydrating and sticky).

Application – such a pain in the ass. If you messed up somewhere while applying don’t even bother to fix it, it will turn into a bigger mess. And I must say it’s not that easy to apply it evenly on the first try. Another disappointing thing is that it gathers inside the lip wrinkles and emphasizing them.

Color – nice, vibrant and very pigmented.

Long lasting – yes. It is definitely a stain product. But after a nice sub you’ll look like some crazy lady who forgot to put on a lipstick over a liner. And don’t you dare to touch it up without a mirror.

Side effects – the worst part about it. It extremely dehydrates my lips and makes them flaky and irritated. After using this sucker I had to recover my lips with tons of various hydrating and exfoliating products for about a week until it healed completely. It seems that in order to prolong this lip stain’s life on your lips L’Oreal stuffed it with loads of harsh chemicals, so it cause such bad reaction. So to me this lip product appeared to be the worst I’ve ever tried. It can be just my skin’s reaction, but I still feel responsible to warn you guys – if you have sensitive lips like I do, avoid this lip gloss. There are so many other similar products out there on the market so it makes the risk  not worth it.

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