J.Lo Live Luxe. My secret weapon.

I consider this perfume my secret weapon. If I go somewhere I plan on being noticed – this is the fragrance I would wear. It’s fresh, sweet, floral and tiny bit fruity. Sounds like something light? Light is nowhere near this smell. And it’s the only “but” about it. When you just spray Live Luxe on yourself it’s so in-your-face, like some of those nasty spray-deodorants. I have to hold my breath and leave the room everytime I spray it. Is it worth it? Yes – 100%. Inconvenience lasts for a few minutes  and then you smell like summer flower field. And check out the bottle that looks like a tube of love potion, so special and nicely colorful.

This fragrance is unique, ‘cause it’s not very popular, it’s strong so you don’t have to carry the whole bottle with you everywhere you go (it stays up to a few days). I get most of “ooh you smell so nice” compliments while wearing this very fragrance. Even my boyfriend said that (theoretically) if he was to go out with two different girls he would definitely remember the one wearing Live Luxe better.

One spray on the clothes, one on the hair and you are irresistible and unforgettable. And it retails 100ml for ~18$! Sweet...

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