Clinique Exfoliating Scrub. Epic Hit!!

I’ve tried lots and lots of scrubs and exfoliators. But for the last couple of years I’ve been faithful to this particular Clinique Scrub and I’ve got all the reasons not to look for a replacement. There’s nothing I don’t like about this product. It exfoliates dead cells and polishes skin, it helps with blemishes and imperfections and it’s not dehydrating. It contains menthol so it probably won’t be as good for people with sensitive skin. 

But even though it’s targeted for the oily skin it woks just fine for my dry one. This scrub is my magical solution to any imperfections on my skin and it’s the very first thing I reach for when I get some blemishes or even dry patches. I don’t care that it consists mostly of chemicals, it does the job perfectly leaving skin smooth and even. And when anyone asks me to recommend something exfoliating and clarifying – I recommend Exfoliating Scrub from Clinique.

What is your favourite face scrub?

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