Yves Rocher Lissage 48h Anti-Frizz Serum. Hit or miss?

Recently I got obsessed with hair care. After I ran out of my favourite hair oil that I can’t find at stores any more I started buying new stuff to try out. And you know what happens when you’re walking along the shelves all desperate, with money burning your pocket. That’s how I ended up with this Yves Rocher Lissage 48h Anti-Frizz Serum. I’ve tried it twice. First time I applied it on a very dehydrated and damaged by cold weather hair. And not only this serum did nothing good to my hair but it also made it tangly, greasy and slightly sticky to touch. Next time I’ve tried it few weeks after I was treating my hair with my Winter Essentials, so it was much more hydrated. At this point Lissage serum made my hair less tangly than last time but still made it look dirty.

 Pros: nice floral smell, mostly natural ingredients.

 Cons: nice floral smell turns into nasty sour-milky smell (it goes away after few hours, but still..), instead of getting smooth silky hair (as promised) you get tangly dirty-looking and bad-smelling chevelure. And I’m not even talking about frizz…

Sad purchase that brought me nothing but disappointment.
Definitely a miss.

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