Winter essentials. Hair care


First product that I grab every time after washing my hair is Shiseido Head Spa Conditioner. Not only the smell of it turns my whole bathroom into a spa saloon, but it also makes my hair silky smooth, shiny and tangle-free. And the best part is that it makes hair “static proof” so I don’t look like poodle every time I take off my scarf or coat. And yes – it does smell like spa (like I haven’t mentioned it yet ). I often get compliments on how  fragrant and shiny my hair is.

 As for washing my hair, I’ve been using Nature’s Gate shampoos. This time it’s grapefruit and wild ginger one (but I love them all). This shampoo is paraben\SLS\silicone-free. The scent is delicious but not too strong so it doesn’t interfere with conditioner and other hair products. As it’s SLS-free, it cleans hair very gently that’s why even though I was my hair twice a week it feels like I’m washing perfectly clean hair. The only thing some people may find disturbing a little is that it lathers not as good as shampoos based on SLS. 

However, it still lathers up pretty well so it doesn’t bother me at all. Besides it lasts for ages despite the average size and it is inexpensive.

In a nutshell, shampoos from Nature’s Gate are good enough for me not to even consider finding anything new.

And last but not least –  step that changed my whole hair care routine – olive oil. Yes, that simple and surprisingly effective. I’ve started using extra virgin olive  oil few weeks ago and now I don’t need any additional products on my hair after I walk out of the shower.

Here’s how I use it – I generously spread 2-3 table spoons of oil all over my hair overnight and wash it off the next day. Results are visible right away. As I’m currently in Siberia and the weather is, to put it mildly, cold (-25 – 35C) my hair started looking very poor and dull. Olive oil in pair with Tsubaki conditioner fixed it.

All these three things are those three steps that I never skip ever sins I first tried them. For me they are irreplaceable.

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