Evening Skincare Ritual in Three Simple Steps.

  As long as this post is about a very quick and easy skincare ritual I'll try to keep it as short as possible. We all have those days when we barely manage to brush our teeth before bed and those when we have a bit more time and energy to treat our skin, but not quite enough to stick with a ten-step routine. Here's a quick version of a pamper skincare ritual that I reach for at least three times a week and it always takes me about ten minutes.

My Lightweight Morning Skin Care Routine for Warmer Days

Unlike in most other parts of the world, September in California doesn't mean that the autumn is here. This year autumn here started with a heat wave with temperature rising over 100F. Needless to say I didn't want to use heavy moisturizers in the morning. But I still needed to have something on my skin before applying the sunscreen. So here's my hot day morning skin care I've been reaching fore.

Evanhealy Hibiscus Willow Flower Mask

     Do you remember that comical look of a woman with a green face mask on her face and a bunch of hair rollers on her head? The one that was so often portrayed in old movies. And men in those movies would always get scared by that look. Well, call Kubrick and von Trier because this face mask is about to step up your scary-mask-face game quite a bit.

Effortless Makeup Essentials

    This summer has been quite hot in California so far. Thus I've been either skipping on makeup entirely or wearing a bare minimum of it. The first thing that I ditch entirely in my makeup routine during these hot days is the foundation. I don't want it melting off my face, mixing with sunscreen and sweat.

My Face Mask Vault

     In my skin care, I prefer switching between a few products, therefore having more than one product for each purpose. I always have at least two cleansers, two moisturizers, two serums, two eye creams etc. That's how I've built this face mask collection over the last few months. I use them not as often as moisturizers and toners so when I buy a new mask turns out I still have a few to use.

All You Need to Keep Your Body Moisturized This Winter

    I don't like spending a lot of money on something that won't last more than a few uses. And body care tends to be something I go through very quickly. Mostly because you need more product to cover your body rather than your face, duh. So when you spend $100 on face oil that you'll be able to use for almost a year it doesn't feel so painful as when you spend the same amount on a body oil that'll be gone at the end of the month.

Moody Winter Makeup Look (All Cruelty Free)

    Hello, everyone. This winter in California has been very gloomy and rain has been pouring down almost 24/7. So one day at Sephora I saw this liquid lipstick by Kat Von D and it called for me. The very same day I picked up my very first Champagne Pop by Becca. Oh yes, I'm that late to the party. So this is how this look was born in my head. And I must say I've surprised myself with how much I loved the look of nearly black lip color on my face. I'm more of a lover of "all natural" makeup looks.

New in My Skin Care Rotation. Morning

   Sometimes I really don't have time and patience for a 10-step morning routine. And these past few weeks I've been really lazy with my skin care. Not lazy enough to skip it completely, however,  but sometimes I would use a toner and a cotton pad instead of washing my face with a cleanser. And let me tell you it feels great.

New In My Skin Care Rotation. Evening.

    Switching to cruelty-free products, and I've said it many times already, made me go outside of my comfort zone and take so many scary leaps of faith with many different brands and products. And I haven't been disappointed as many times as I expected. So today I'm excited to share with you these four products that have won their place in my heart and my daily skin care routine.

Chantecaille Protect The Lions Palette. Is It Worth $85?

    It took a few months for me to gain the courage to pay $85 for these four eye shadows. The only reason why I bought them eventually was the fact that they look so out-of-this-world beautiful. They look like they can go with any outfit, any skin tone, any occasion, so maybe I can justify the price this way, I thought. 

Moondust Palette By Urban Decay

   I am a big lover of a natural makeup look, and that's something that 95% of the time I'm going for every time I sit down in front of my vanity table. But I think in every girl there's a voice that wakes up from time to time to whisper in your ear something like "let's smear some glitter all over your face" or "deep blue smokey eye is the new natural". Am I right? 

Lets Talk About Tea

   Just ever so slightly a different topic here on my blog. Tea. I love me a cup of a great tea, and my preferences heavily depend on my mood. As I’ve moved to the US I’ve been struggling to find proper tea with enough flavor. Maybe I was totally out of luck and passed right by a great brand, but I can say without a doubt that I’ve tried a lot of tea here and none of it was good enough.

My Evening Skin Care Routine [Cruelty-Free]

   I'm pretty happy with my current evening skin care selection. I start by washing my face with Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Cleanser. Even though I was skeptical about the idea behind this cleanser being prep-step before ExfoliKate treatment itself (that exfoliator costs just about enough to be all-in-one treatment: a cleanser, a toner, a serum and a moisturizer). Which is why I only own ExfoliKate treatment in a small size.

Le Labo Discovery Set

   There’s not much to choose from on the cruelty-free perfume market. And Le Labo definitely stands out in this small crowd. You’ll find a great variety of unique smells, even for the very picky noses. This brand is very hard to find in stores, so if you’re interested in giving some of their perfume a try before purchasing a full-size bottle of a scandalously expensive perfume, here’s a great option for you.

Best Autumnal Nail Polish Set [Cruelty-Free]

I ordered these nail polishes with a record-breaking speed. I think I've never purchased anything this fast and impulsively ever in my life! Or at least it was so long ago I don't even remember it. I love TenOverTen products and their marketing as it is, but this collection simply stands out. Applause, TenOverTen, applause...

How To Avoid Post-Purchase Guilt.

   If a heavy weight of guilt and regret after shopping is something you're familiar with, than this post is for you. I, being myself a beauty addict, completely understand how hard it is to stay rational when you see all those beautiful colors and pretty packaging. All those things are made to be tempting. And I'm proud to say that I've found ways to fight that temptation. Or at least contain it to a budget-safe level.